Healthy soil is a fundamental necessity for all plants, animals, and people. Find out how soil is alive and the actions you can take to nurture healthy soil


The ultimate local food is the food you grow yourself. Take growing food into your own hands by learning which garden type is right for you.


Sustainable restaurants think about the social and environmental impact of their operations. Explore an interactive foodscape to find establishments we like to call Community Connectors, Harvest Heroes, and Earth Advocates.


Buying locally grown or produced food is good for our communities, good for the environment – and good for you! Learn about how your choices DO make a difference.

Find a farmers market, CSA, farm, co-op and more

Learn more about the benefits of eating local


Food justice is about making sure all people have access to fresh, healthy, affordable, ethically-produced, and culturally appropriate food. Food Justice can be as small as the nutrients in a carrot or as large as global climate change. You can make an impact beyond at the grocery store or in the polling booth by supporting local and fairly traded products, living wages for food workers, access to garden space, and access to healthy food for everyone.

Want to learn more? Check out this video from PBS and the organizations below to find out more.

How to Promote Food Justice

  • Petition the government to make dumping of edible food illegal or expensive. (France did it!) Start by finding out who your legislator is.

More Info on the 5 People and Organizations You Saw:

Brent & The Inadvertent Cafe

Jon & The Twin Cities Mobile Market

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  • The Twin Cities Mobile Market is a project of The Wilder Foundation.

Estella & Dream of Wild Health

Michael with Project Sweetie Pie

Antonia & Main Street Project

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